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Knitting and the outdoors have been my passion for most of my life. Natural dyeing became a “natural” extension of those interests. Our rural home surrounded by fields of goldenrod inspired me to experiment with that and other natural dye materials on our property such as pokeweed, black walnuts and sumac. Because of these interests, and a serious case of job burnout, the idea for Flora Adora Fibers sprouted. 

I collect flowers and other plant material on my property, and occasionally forage for others from nearby locations. I also grow dye plants in my garden and have a madder bed whose roots will be harvested in a year or two. Some dye materials result from an unexpected gift from nature, such as a fallen cherry tree. In addition, natural dye extracts are utilized to round out the color palette; these dyes have been used for hundreds and thousands of years around the world. I strive to use tried and true dyes that are color and light fast. But I also experiment with different dye methods and materials to see how their colors will stand up to washing and light exposure. 

One of my guiding mottos has been “Begin as you mean to go on” which I originally heard on Brenda Dayne’s Cast On podcast, and found out is part of a quote from Charles H. Spurgeon. When making decisions for the business, whether on the types of yarn bases to offer or shipping bags to buy, I try to make choices based on my overall goal of stepping lightly in the Earth. Mordant and dye baths are reused as much as possible, rinse water waters the garden, dye materials are composted or returned to nature. 

Starting a business, especially online, is a learning experience and a challenge. I call it an adventure and I hope you will join me on that journey. I also sincerely wish to hear from you with suggestions and comments!

Sharon Miller