Hello! And welcome to Flora Adora Fibers naturally dyed yarns. I am Professor Flora (aka Sharon Miller), renown plant explorer and detective of my garden, backyard and nearby fields. I'll be leading you on a rousing journey exploring color and fiber through natural dyes and non superwash yarns.

Being outdoors, native plants, gardening, knitting and exploring nature are my passions and drew me to natural dyeing.

Before we head out, let me ask this:

Do you dream of finding colorful, but soft and soothing color palettes with subdued shades?

Beautiful corals and pinks, pops of yellows and golds, refreshing greens and blues, gentle lavenders and purples with the occasional speckle or variegation?

Are you searching for yarns that aren’t just more superwash Merino?

Yearning for real wool grown by small local and regional farms, custom spun by small mills, then lovingly hand dyed with natural dyes in small batches?

Flora Adora Fibers is about Exceptional Color and Fiber.

What makes it Exceptional? Professor Flora has the answers for you!


Come along as we forage and research to discover new dyes and dye sources and grow our own dye plants. You never know for sure how things will turn out, but most of the fun comes from trying something new and making mistakes.

We'll delve back into history to connect with and learn from dyers whose only options were plant and insect-based dyes. While out detecting, let's explore some of the over 1400 sheep breeds along with goats, rabbits and other fiber producing animals. I'm always on the outlook for locally and regionally produced fiber and yarns. 

Home base is Northeast Ohio, but my intrepid spirit leads me to Fiber Festivals in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Maryland and Virginia.

Want to come along? Grab your boots and pith helmet and Let's Go!

Flora Adora Fibers specializes in non superwash yarns, naturally dyed using techniques that minimize water use, promote reuse of mordants and dyes, and use food grade ingredients to bind dyes to yarn. Dye materials are responsibly foraged, grown or purchased from sustainable sources.

More and more, I’m working to source local and regional wool, use nearby mills and include single breed and heritage breed yarns in my offerings.

I'm more than happy to answer your questions, or help in any way!  Contact me here.